Mervic College supports students throughout their enrolment to ensure that they are able to effectively participate in all aspects of learning and complete their courses in the stipulated duration.

Students can access College’s student support services by approaching either the Student Support Officer, front desk, or any staff member in their immediate contact.

Mervic College supports the mental, physical, social, and spiritual well-being of students.

Mervic College is committed to fostering an environment, in which each student feels safe and supported, and contributes in a positive manner to the college community. Mervic College achieves this by;

  • Developing and implementing a Health and Safety Policy
  • Developing and implementing policies and procedures to prevent and deal with any form of discrimination, harassment, or vilification of college employees and students
  • Upholding the Student Code of conduct
  • Appointing an OHS/WHS representative and ensuring a safe learning environment
  • Appointing a student support officer to address welfare-related services
  • Providing referrals to external counselling services to students to deal with issues that are not within college’s expertise, scope, or authority
  • Keeping students abreast of any general security issues or concerns as observed in media, or government announcements, and providing relevant information as appropriate

Mervic College strives to create a working and learning environment that is free from any form of harassment, and where all the members of the college community are treated with dignity, courtesy, and respect. Mervic College considers any form of harassment an unacceptable form of behaviour, which will not be tolerated under any circumstances and disciplinary action will be taken against any staff member, contractor, or student who breaches the college policies and codes.

If you have any concerns about yourself or a fellow student, please contact the Campus/RTO Manager immediately by reporting to the front desk or by phone or email or as per the Contact details on this website.

View Mervic College’s Student Support Services for information on personal and learning support services.

Information on student safety can be viewed here.

ORYGEN – an Australian Government Initiative

Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health has released a major report that shows that while Australia provides world-class education and is an international leader in youth mental health, the mental health of university students has been largely ignored.

Access the report HERE

For more information visit:  ORYGEN

Radiant – Student Welfare Toolkit