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Mervic College

Mervic College prides itself on its products and likes to give an opportunity for its own graduates to work within its group organizations. Over the years, Mervic College has successfully helped its graduated students in different positions and different departments including Trainers, Sales, and Marketing, Information Technology, Administration, Student Services, Finance, etc. areas.

Mervic College has 4 terms in a year and takes enrolment, accordingly, organise its Orientation Day every term in February, April, July, and November. One of the many opportunities Mervic College provides is providing internship and employment opportunities to graduates.

During orientation, Mervic College gives information to newly arrived students from overseas or onshore students on broad topics including issues such as adjusting to Australian culture and lifestyle, life in Melbourne, accommodation, and transportation which is significant information for overseas students who are new to Australia or those who are already here but still lacking good information.

The orientation program also provides an opportunity for all the new students to come together and get to know each other and meet their trainers and other staff members prior to commencing their courses.

Vision & Mission

To be one of the leading private providers of vocational education and training in Australia renowned for quality training programs that are relevant to employment trends, delivered with excellence, and responsive to student needs.

To deliver qualifications and vocational training that enable individuals to develop authentic skills, knowledge and competencies required to enhance their employability and career opportunities.

We do this by:

  • Providing state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities and environment
  • Employing staff who are passionate about their profession
  • Remaining compliant with regulatory and legislative obligations
  • Attentive to the wellbeing of our staff and student body
  • Accessing appropriate funding programs to ensure equal opportunity education for aspiring students

With a founding principal of delivering excellence in training, Mervic College is proud to offer a learning environment that pays particular attention to student welfare and fosters equal opportunity education for students of all ages.

Core Operating Values

Quality: We are committed to delivering quality VET training and skill sets that respond to current industry need.

Sustainability: We make strategic choices that ensure delivery while maintaining sufficient financial resources.

Innovation: We create a culture of innovation through collaborative teamwork. We seek to produce graduates who challenge the status quo through inspiration and innovation.

Community: We contribute to the social and economic wellbeing of target communities through our teaching, public events, scholarships and other activities.