Domestic Student Fees and Charges

Mervic College sets out all its fees, including course tuition fees each year.  Fees are reviewed annually and published in the college’s marketing materials and other publications including this website.

Mervic College lists and provides complete information on the total amount of all fees including course tuition fees, administration fees, materials fees, and any other charges to all the prospective students prior to enrolment and include them in the Letter of Offer and the Student Agreement – Domestic.

The tuition fee covers the cost of providing the course of study and the use of resources at Mervic College. Tuition Fee does not include costs related to equipment or training material purchases.

All students must agree to and sign the Student Agreement before they can be formally accepted in a course. The Student Agreement articulates and provides information on payment terms, including the timing and amount of fees to be paid, any non-refundable deposit/administration fee, security of pre-paid fees, and the fees and charges for additional services (e.g., RPL assessment).

Tuition fee includes:

  • All course tuition and assessment
  • Access to all facilities and student services
  • Access to our comprehensive reference library and online resources, eBooks, library databases
  • Access to campus facilities, student amenities, and resources
  • Support services, including English language and learning support
  • On-campus IT support

Course tuition fees are course-based and remain the same for all Mervic College campuses.

There may also be other non-tuition fees such as materials fee and fees and charges for administrative and academic services. These fees shall be advised prior to enrolment and signing of the Student Agreement.

All fees are advised and confirmed to students prior to enrolment, including refundable fees and refund terms and conditions. Refer to our Fee Refund Policy for information on refunds.

The course tuition fees are set for a complete course and cannot be charged, calculated, or broken upon a unit basis. Mervic College reserves the right to amend student tuition fees, fines, and other charges as it so determines. However, the tuition and other fee (s) that have been agreed upon with a student at the time of signing the Student Agreement will not change for the duration of the enrolment and the agreement period.

Tuition fees and relevant terms are governed by our Fee Policy.

Refer to each course page for the course tuition fees.

Contact student admin team for detailed information on applicable fees –