Orientation Program

All commencing students must attend Mervic’s orientation program on arrival. Details of the program are provided to students prior to their departure.

Student Orientation is a welcome and informative program for new students commencing their studies at Mervic College. The program consists of presentations, campus tours, enrolment, and information that helps new students settle into the new study environment.

Orientation plays an important role in helping you quickly become familiar with your institution, facilities, academic necessities, and support during your studies at Mervic.  The orientation program is also a great opportunity to meet key people who will be communicating and assisting you during your studies.

Once you have successfully enrolled for study at Mervic College, you will receive orientation program information that provides a range of information from academic necessities to important dates and support options. The orientation program is compulsory for new students commencing their studies at the college. The program helps new students settle into the new study environment.

Mervic College has a student orientation policy that guides that orientation process. The orientation program typically includes (but is not limited to);

  • A comprehensive and tailored presentation that addresses the needs of the target student group and adequately introduces a student to the academic life at the College and courses of study
  • A clear and simple explanation of the most relevant policies and procedures
  • Academic processes and specific requirements
  • Support services available to students, including English language and learning support
  • Presentations by relevant guest speakers
  • Introduction to various college staff and descriptions of their roles
  • Instructional explanations of computer and resource use within the college
  • Student identification photograph session
  • Campus tour and OHS information
  • Critical incident overview including emergency and health services

At the completion of the program, all students will be required to complete an Orientation Evaluation Survey, and also provide brief feedback on their enrolment experience. Survey data is used for the College’s continuous improvement practices.

Contact our student support team if you have not received the program details, missed the program, or would like to attend again –

Access Copies of Orientation Program Presentation

Copies are available to students on request.