How to Apply – Domestic Students

Students may apply through;

General Requirements

Candidates are considered on the basis of course entry requirements, including the English Language skills requirements. Entry to MERVIC College award courses assumes proficiency in English. English proficiency must be demonstrated by an applicant for admission to MERVIC College by the following:

  • A Mervic-approved LLN test and achievement of the required literacy and numeracy levels (some courses may have specific LLN requirements)
  • Generally, successful completion of Year 10 (certificate level courses) to Year 12 (diploma and above courses)
  • Course-specific pre-requisites and entry requirements
  • Pre-training candidate needs analysis

Special consideration is available for mature-age candidates without a formal qualification based on existing and prior learning and related industry/work expereince.

MERVIC offers various intakes throughout the year and candidates may enter the course at any of these intakes, subject to meeting all the entry requirements.

Supporting Documents

  • Proof of residence/citizenship/Australian humanitarian permanent visa
  • Copies of previous transcripts, testamur, or any other formal or informal awards/achievements
  • Valid English proficiency evidence
  • Applicant Pre-enrolment Self-assessment form
  • Address and current contact details
  • Unique Student Identifier (USI) or USI Consent Form
  • Additional documents may be required as per course entry requirements

Contact our Student Admissions team for more information –

For further information, view our Admission Procedure

All the agents are bound by Mervic College’s policies, procedures, quality and ethical requirements, and the requirements of the Australian International Education and Training Agent Code of Ethics.

For assistance with the application, please contact our friendly student admissions team through the above email and contact links.